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This Dutch-themed restaurant in central Iowa came to us seeking to get one of their most popular items turned into a product for retail. These cute and delicious little Dutch pancakes, known as Poffertjes, can be made at home with Dutchfix's secret recipe mix. Needless to say there was a need for educating the customer as well as getting their attention on the shelves. 

Building From Scratch

With this being the first product to market from an unknown brand we knew the packaging had to really stand out and make an impact. It was also important to educate the customer on the difference between poffertjes and traditional American pancakes. 

But first, we needed to get the Dutchfix brand into the modern era. We did a simple revamp of the logo to drop the hashtag and gave the traditional Dutch children icons an updated style that isn't so clip-art-looking. We started building more recognizable colors as well. 

Old Dutchfix Logo
New Dutchfix Logo

Avidity did a fantastic job creating our bags!

Avidity did a fantastic job creating our bags!! We could not be more pleased with the look and how they turned out. They have the creative ability to design what sells.... not just a fancy bag!

Doing the Research

We first looked at where this product would be placed in stores. Being next to other breakfast food mixes, like pancakes and waffles, meant there were a lot of warm color tones. We also looked at the common product imagery on those packages and noticed mostly typical side view and 45° angle photos. Lastly we noticed the traditional box packaging in the category was shifting to pouch style packaging.

Creative Strategy

Using this information and knowing we needed to educate and stand out, we determined it was best to do the opposite of everyone else. We chose a cooler color scheme with large blocks of solid color. We showed exactly what poffertjes would look like after using the mix to cook them. We chose a top view image of the products at life size scale. We also took the opportunity to be unique in how the products were displayed on the package considering their fun, whimsical nature.

Lastly, we continued the educative element by providing cooking instructions and imagery of the special pan you use to cook the product.

Poffertjes Mix Packaging
Poffertjes Mix Packaging
Poffertjes Mix Packaging
Poffertjes Mix Packaging

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