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This isn't your typical craft coffee brand. Lake of the Woods Coffee started as a gift shop for tourists visiting the local area of Warroad, Minnesota. The small town plays host to thousands of visitors each season for its plethora of outdoor sports and entertainment. Scroll to see how this played an important role in our strategy. 

Taking a piece of the lake home

Through our discovery process we learned that a large amount of their customers were buying packaged coffee alongside other souvenir items. Customers even shared they were buying the coffee as a take home item, like a souvenir. It only made sense that we lean into this angle with our designs. 

The old packaging was very simple and nondescript. We determined to build the new design around illustration artwork that featured imagery from the scenery around the lake. Our goal is this will remind visitors even more of their time at the lake and encourage future purchases as well.

DSC 5482
DSC 5488
DSC 5494
DSC 5497
Scott Marvin - Provided expertise based on experience in the industry

Provided expertise based on experience in the industry

Great experience. Good communicator and follow through. Qualified us first to understand our expectations and then performed accordingly. Listened to our changes and provided expertise based on obvious work history in this area. Very happy with our end product.

Lake of the Woods Coffee First Light
Lake of the Woods Island Bold
Lake of the Woods Island Journey
Lake of the Woods Lake Host

Adapting to new opportunities

As part of our discovery process it seemed like there was an opportunity the Lake of the Woods team hadn't quite explored. We helped them develop a plan for approaching the hotels and hospitality venues in the region. It makes sense that these places would brew coffee as well as sell packaged coffee where proceeds benefit both parties.

With this new plan we knew the venues likely wouldn't have their own shelf space. So we developed a free standing point-of-purchase display that highlighted the products to maximize sales and expand brand recognition.

Point of purchase display mockup

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