BLK & Bold

A bold mission deserves a bold brand

BLK & Bold isn't only a business name, it's a mantra. We are so proud to partner with this black-owned business with a big mission to impact their community by giving back 5% to at-risk youth. After only being in business for less than a year they reached out with a goal to build a brand that would compete on shelves with the big players in the market.

An Iconic Logo For a Future Iconic Brand

As a new brand on the shelves this coffee needed to make a visual impact. We chose to go clean and minimal for an image of transparency and purpose. The logo is intended to be quickly recognized and memorable to customers. The crown holds meaning to the founders' story and give the logo an element of differentiation.

Standing Out in a Crowded Market

For a new brand aiming for big retail that means competing against name brand coffee which has known, loyal customers. The way to stand out was by making use of large color blocks. With BLK being in the brand name it only made sense that we try to own that color in the market. The gold accents add nice pops of color that draw in your attention. We added hand drawn elements to the side of the bags as a tie back to the helping hands mission of the company. 

Coffee AND Tea?!?!

Yes, they also make tea. This added a wrinkle to the packaging as we need to have a consistent look with the coffee, however we don't want customers to confuse the coffee and the tea packaging. With tea brands naturally having a lighter color scheme we opted for a stark white look to contrast nicely with the coffee packaging.

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