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Avidity is a Des Moines, Iowa based branding and graphic design agency and we have been specializing in the food & beverage industry for 5 years and more in general branding for over 10 years. We have clients all over the United States in a variety of packaged food and beverage categories.

Our experience and knowledge of branding and retail processes and best path to market strategies give us a clear understanding of what it takes to get products onto shelves. We have helped our clients build iconic brands that bring a return on their investments.

Rod Johsnon - They're as professional as they are creative.

They're as professional as they are creative.

Edits and revisions were returned in a timely fashion with above and beyond design thought to help further the conversation. I appreciate Avidity's diligence in ensuring all assets were to our liking and we definitely will return to them to partner on new projects for our brand.

Have you ever asked yourself...

  • Do people notice my product on shelves?
  • Does my marketing connect with my customers?
  • What does good packaging really look like?
  • How can I actually grow my sales?
  • How do I get in front of more retail buyers?
  • Is my product worthy of being on shelves?

Hooray! You're in the right place.

We understand how competitive the packaged food industry is and how important your time and making the right decisions are. We've worked with dozens of business owners and marketers like you, guiding them through a path that shows you how you can increase your revenue and avoid stalling growth and losing out on opportunities.

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We hold ourselves to high standards

We start every project by setting some expectations. We know the only way to build our relationship with you is to prove ourselves. In return we give you the guide to getting the best work from us. Here's what is important to us.

Family First

For our clients as well as colleagues, we take care of family first. Business can wait. Nothing else is more important.

Trust your gut

Clients hire us for our expertise in retail, CPG and graphic design. We make decisions based on sticking to their goals and appealing to their customers. In return, clients trust us.

Speak Up

A good idea can come from anyone and anywhere, but it’s only a good idea if you tell someone. So share your ideas rather than holding them in.

Always be growing

Some famous football coach probably once said, “If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.” We challenge ourselves as well as our clients to always be thinking of how to make things easier and more effective.

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