Viva Mexican Restaurant

A sophisticated brand for a sophisticated Mexican restaurant

Sometimes a restaurant needs to change their name for one reason or another. This was a great opportunity for Viva to take advantage of a new brand. Like our other clients, we guided Viva through a plan that allowed them to reach more of the RIGHT customers and turn them into loyal patrons.

After helping them determine a direction to take their new brand we created materials for their identity. We also gave advice on the redesign of the menu to optimally appeal to diners.

The Concept

Playing off of the theme of the decor of the restaurants we created a logo mark in the image of a parrot. The contemporary font style and color reflected a not-so-typical Mexican Restaurant.

The Menu

To fit the “authentic with a twist” style of the cuisine, we designed the brand and marketing materials to be trendy and more upscale than most Mexican restaurants. Instead of appearing to compete based on price, we use professional photography and negative space to create a sense of sophistication. While redesigning the menu we use many techniques to optimize the layout. We considered things like the best size, page count, organization and image placement.

"Their creative branding and design work has given our customers a great experience. We get so many compliments on our new menu design!"

The Plan

To go along with their new brand, we helped Viva develop a strategy and tactics to reach their customers. The new plan centered around reaching as many of the RIGHT people as possible. It included digital and print tactics that they've seen success with recently.

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