Ross Street Roasting

Giving personality to a hoppin' coffee roaster

Ross Street Roasting (RSR) is a young craft coffee roasting brand that is just beginning to hit their stride. Ready to take the next step, they enlisted us to create a new identity and packaging that builds recognition, brand loyalty, and helps them compete on the shelves. Known for some fantastic blends, strong connections in direct trade and personality, RSR was ready for an identity that brought those traits into the forefront. 

Meet Ross!

The founder of RSR, whose name is actually Brian, often was mistakenly called "Ross" as many customers confused his name and the company name. This lead to many conversations needing to explain "Who the heck is Ross?" Ross is the name of the street in the town that the business was originally founded. 

With an intent to show the personality of the brand and the origin of the coffee, it only made sense to create a character to represent the brand. The tree frog in the logo was an inspiration from one of Brian's many trips abroad to visit his farmers. The logo also sets the scene of the mountainous regions where coffee is grown and harvested. Meet the new Ross! Now the answer to the question is much shorter and much more interesting.

"We worked with Avidity on a full rebranding project and we couldn't be happier with the results and look forward to continued work with them."

Bags! Bags! Bags!

The focal point of the new Ross Street Roasting brand is an original packaging system design. This is the primary interaction between customers and the product and something that sits on their kitchen counters in their view regularly. This is the perfect chance to reiterate the importance of direct trade and sustainably sourced beans. The new bag design highlights the scenic view of the mountain regions. 

The label compliments the rustic feeling and also has a slightly industrial feel to match the farmers' work ethic. Some of the labels also pay homage to the imagery from the original packaging so shoppers aren't confused at what they're buying.

"Adam was highly responsive, attentive during the brand discovery, and was collaboratively creative during the design phase."

Upgrading the Experience.

Ross Street Roasting likes to work by their goal of "turning coffee drinkers into coffee lovers." To help achieve this we created a custom design shipping box to increase the perceived value and make an engaging experience with customers. It's certainly tough to throw this away after opening!

Crafty Down to the Last Detail

To accompany the primary brand touch points we also created some smaller projects like business cards, apparel and direct marketing pieces.

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