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NUJO, short for New Joe, is a coffee alternative that tastes like coffee, but does not have the same side effects coffee does for some individuals. The young brand engaged with us as they were starting to gain traction and ready to hit the shelves. Our challenge was to appeal to the coffee drinking customer, noting similarities between the two drinks, but also calling out the differences and benefits of NUJO. 

FINA Lnu Jo Logo2019
NUJO Logo Full Black
Nujo colors

Legitimizing the brand

The original branding for NUJO had a crafty, handmade feel to it that also seemed somewhat juvenile. Our aim with the new brand was to add some sophistication. For new products that are alternatives in their category it's important to immediately garner respect as customers are skeptical. Using a cleaner, more organized approach and warmer color tones achieved the look we were wanting.

Carmen Wagner - It's been a true pleasure to work with Avidity since day one

It's been a true pleasure to work with Avidity since day one

We had previously engaged with a design team that resulted in a huge miss. We had to start over with the design process. This was a complete rebrand, bringing together the last few years of learnings into the packaging and branding strategy. Adam is an incredible listener who appreciates our goals, where we are in the journey of 'concept to shelf success' and has become an indispensable team member.

NUJO Packaging
NUJO Packaging
NUJO Packaging
Hand holding NUJO Ground Bag
Hand holding NUJO Bottled Drink
NUJO Packaging
NUJO Packaging
NUJO Pop Up Tent

Extending this Nu brand

While the most important pieces to any CPG brand are the logo and packaging, we also built the brand strategy in a way that the look and message would be consistent across all brand touch points. Our creative team developed sales materials, marketing materials, and booth elements. 

The best way for any new brand to generate sales and buzz is by being physically present and handing out samples at events your target customers attend. So along with this pop up tent we designed an entire DIY exhibition booth built around NUJO's needs of serving samples, showing shelf presence and general brand awareness.

Carmen Wagner - Their knowledge of the industry has been so helpful

Their knowledge of the industry has been so helpful

Avidity's knowledge base working within the CPG space has been a fabulous resource as they continually go above and beyond in quality of work, timely delivery of projects and really bringing a fresh perspective. Avidity will (hopefully!) continue with us as we scale up as our trusted partners in all aspects of design/branding and it's invaluable to have this level of confidence in each project that we request. And the best part is, everywhere we go, our new branding is getting RAVE reviews, regardless if the customer has previously engaged with our brand.

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