Northwest Steel Erection

A brand built by steel columns

If you happen to be in the commercial construction industry, then you probably want to have these guys erecting your project. At least, that's what we were told when we met with their clients during the brand discovery phase.

Northwest Steel admittedly hadn't updated their website since what seemed like the dawn of the Internet. During our initial consultation it was decided they were ready for a new website as well as a brand identity refresh.


Northwest Steel’s original branding resembled a very traditional, adolescent company. Our objective was to bring their identity into this decade and appeal to their contractor and engineering clients.

We kept their colors which they are known for and added a logo mark that is easily recognizable. The N icon ties in their name as well as resembling the look of a metal building being constructed. Their new look uses clean lines and is very organized. One big focus we had was on imagery. You'll notice most photos will have a sunrise shot where the sun is peaking through the background signifying emergence, change and arrival.