Moto Roasters

A badass coffee brand that's "lit" inside and out

Moto Roasters is a craft coffee roasting start up that came to us in search of branding help. They've grown in popularity in their local Chicago neighborhoods building a cult following and now they're ready to step up their game with a brand that sets them apart. We were thrilled to help them get there.

A Logo That's Full of Fire

There's a lot of hidden gems and symbolism in this logo. For starters you're probably asking yourself "what's with the fire skull?" Did you know that besides being a nickname for motorcycles the word "Moto" is the Swahili word for "fire". The language of Swahili is spoken in Uganda, which happens to be where Moto Roasters coffee beans originate. Our goal for this design was to have a badass biker feel to set it apart from other coffee logos, which is where the text layout and skull concept come from. Look hard enough and you'll spot the "M" on the skull. And don't miss the subtle coffee bean eyes staring into your soul...

"Avidity is sharp minded and they know what will work with your market and brand. They do extra research to keep your brand on top and stand out compared to competition."

A Package to Contain the Greatness

Craft coffee roasters tend to go for stock, off-the-shelf bags and then slap a label on them. We knew Moto Roasters needed to be bold to stand out to customers. We chose to go with this awesome, bright blue and really highlight the style in the logo. Simplicity has a way of representing high quality and highlighting the important information. 

"Adam has worked with me every step of the way on digging deeper into my target market and finding out what will be most attractive to catching their attention. He did an awesome job with the logo and found us the best route for rebranding our coffee company's label and packaging. His artwork is SICK!"

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