Moonswiners Bar-B-Q

A small rebrand that is smokin'

In the heart of barbecue country is a small restaurant with a treasured local history and a really cool name. After a change in ownership they were ready to step up their branding game. Here is what came of this great collaboration.

A Refreshed Logo Design

Moonswiners Bar-B-Q's old logo was hard to read and confusing. It seemed like it was more representative of a distillery than a barbecue restaurant. It was our goal to make something that could work more universally and resembled the words in the name. First, we made the text much more legible. Then we created an icon that was a nice mash up of "moon" and "swine" by making the silhouette of a pig appear as if it's shadow is being cast on a full moon. This badge mark is easy to use in many different instances.

Developing a New Style

There are a lot of barbecue restaurants in the south. (Obviously) So we needed to find a way to make Moonswiners appear different from the rest. We chose to stick to their original red, white and black color scheme, however we added a lighter, peach secondary color that isn't very common in the category. We also developed a unique illustration style using halftone textures for shading objects that are recognizable as "barbecue". 

Expanding the New Branding

Beyond the typical basics of a brand we helped create some extra pieces. As with all of our clients, we work to build a full experience for Moonswiners customers. We designed such items as dessert packaging, water bottle labels, exterior signage and a drive-thru menu.

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