Iowa Brewing Company

A change and a redesign walk into a brewery

Iowa Brewing Company is a growing craft beer brewery which was making a change from glass bottles to cans, like most breweries, for the sake of quality and shelf life for their beer. They determined this was a good time to update their look as a tactic to make a bigger impression on the shelves. We partnered with them to create a new cohesive series of packaging materials to represent their brand along with some other items...

Cans with Character

Building from the label designs from the old bottles, we created stylized, illustrated characters to give personality to the individual beers. Each of the characters is in some way related to the name of its beer. Characters are green to help tie the cans together with the overarching brand. 

In an attempt to stand out in a crowded craft beer market we needed to have an element of the can design be different than competitors. We noticed a lot of things that were common within the market, like busy designs. We decided our concept needed to have an area of solid to separate the Iowa Brewing Co. beers. We also very rarely saw a vertically split can design. These keys directed our approach.

"I very enthusiastically recommend Avidity! Adam has a great eye, he's professional and insightful, steps up to a challenge and hit every deadline."

Is This Heaven? No, It's Iowa Brewing Company.

After wrapping up new can designs we began work on a box to showcase a variety of beers. Again, we looked at what is already being done as a way to find how we can differentiate Iowa Brewing Co. This illustrative concept highlights everything that is great about Iowa as a way to also represent all the great beers the brewery offers.

"Avidity has been an exceptional partner and we are very happy with everything and I plan to continue working with Avidity for future projects. Cheers!"

Keepin' it Fresh.

To keep things fresh, the brewery regularly is trying new things. We help promote these special release beers with posters and other accompanying graphics.

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