Three Fanci Freez milkshake two-pack pouches

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As part of their larger rebranding, Fanci Freez was also launching their first products into retail markets. These soft-serve milkshakes are a first of their kind on retail shelves. Most grocery freezer sections require a temperature that is too cold for soft-serve ice cream. The Fanci Freez team with the help of Pivot North Consulting, engineered a special type of packaging that keeps the product insulated to remain soft.

Fanci Freez Strawberry milkshake pouch

Blending the past and present

The goal of the packaging for this new product was to match Fanci Freez's retro brand tone and image while also standing out in a very busy-looking category. Our approach was to be very clear and to the point. The product name and flavor is large and in your face and accompanied by a messy image of a milkshake and floating ingredients. This allowed for the bright colored background of the product to be clean and call attention to itself very quickly. 

The design of this packaging played a significant role in the product shooting straight to number one in sales in the ice cream category across all stores they were in within the first month of launching. 

three flavors of Fanci Freez milkshake packaging
bottom of Fanci Freez strawberry milkshake pouch
back of mint flavored milkshake packaging
pulling cup out of pouch
Bill Hawes - Avidity understood our goals

Avidity understood our goals

We interviewed several firms to come up with a brand refresh at Fanci Freez. We selected Avidity Creative because they communicated very well that they understood our goals (including hitting our timeframe). They came up with a comprehensive plan and checked in with us to refine things along the way.

What's in the bag?

Inside each pouch are two individual cups of milkshakes to share with a friend. Or take them both for yourself... The design of these cups are intentionally made to be shared. There's two sides to each cup. You can choose which side and share your selfie with the internet. At least, that's what seems to be happening when customers get these in their hands.

Fanci Freez milkshake cups
Front of Fanci Freez milkshake cups
back side of Fanci Freez milkshake cups
Bill Hawes - Award-winning creativity

Award-winning creativity

The packaging and logo they created is literally award-winning! It is eye-catching and innovative. We also now have a great refresh to our logo that is still very recognizable but up-to-date at the same time. They even came up with a cool shirt design that is perfect for our retro concept. We love what they’ve done!

Stuff like this deserves to be shared

When you have a great product and a great brand it's important the whole world knows. Including the rest of the photography on this page, we developed a series of lifestyle images used for promoting the products in various settings.

chocolate milkshake cups
mint chocolate chip milkshake cups
strawberry milkshake cups
strawberry milkshake cups

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