Rebuilding a brand with a solid foundation

Downing provides a range of commercial construction services around central Iowa. For over fifty years they have evolved and grown from a small residential house builder to an experienced and knowledgeable commercial general ve built strong relationships with partners in the health care, dental and senior living industries along the way.

To celebrate their fifty years of business and to reflect their growing company and goals they decided it was time to match their brand to their personality. Downing enlisted our services to bring their brand up to par.

The discovery

We began by learning the story. How did Downing get to where they are now and where are they going? We spoke with some of their clients to get an outside perspective. We arrived at a goal to align the outside perspective with Downing’s internal initiatives to grow their commercial services.

The existing visual identity was in need of a freshening. Our goal was to create a look that is contemporary and reflected the company's core values.


A recognizable symbol

For the previous fifty years Downing lacked a symbol that encompasses the brand. We spent many hours coming up with concepts. We searched, we brainstormed, we sketched and then we napped. 

Then we narrowed down the best ideas and made concepts to present that would work across all of their channels and for all future uses to present to the team.

"Avidity spent a session with our management staff and then followed up with what we expected to be a few logo ideas. What transpired thereafter blew us away."

Setting some standards

To accompany their new logo, we worked with Downing to develop a new visual identity that can be recognized as distinctly being there's. We intended to bring consistency from piece to piece which kept Downing top of mind for clients which helps drive sales. 

The Downing team understands the importance of a strong brand and the need to have everyone on the same page. We developed a brand book that defines the company's brand, its core values and its brand persona along with setting guidelines for logo usage, colors and typography. 

It's exciting to see how Downing will build their brand in the next fifty years.




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