Dirt Burger

A not-so-typical brand for not-so-typical fast food

Most vegan burgers just plain don't taste good. These guys are breaking from tradition and making something that actually has some flavor. They're also doing it as a fast food restaurant (that delivers!) because the options for a quick meal for people with a vegan diet are pretty slim. On top of that they're using locally sourced fresh ingredients.

Cooking Up a Brand Message

Dirt Burger's plan is to not just appeal to your typical vegan audience, which tends to be more feminine and healthy, but to also appeal to their friends who may not be limited to a vegan diet. While the ingredients are fresh and local, the attraction is the taste and vibe of the brand. There's a stigma about vegan eaters that they're stuck up and picky. The concept of this brand is to change that and also be inviting to the "bro's" and more masculine customers. The messaging is fun, playful and sassy. Heck! The dang name is DIRT BURGER.

What's a Spade-ula?

Coming up with a logo concept for this brand was as fun as you would imagine. We knew there was some way to represent both "dirt" and "burger" in a visual way. What we landed on is the "Spade-ula." It's the combination of a spade shovel and burger spatula that you'll find at the center of the logo. The circle enclosure around the icon is meant to drive home the feel of this place being a quick serve restaurant as opposed to a fancy sit down place.

"Avidity has been more than just company we used to create our logo, menu and wall design. They have been more of a partner with us in our branding and growth. They have been there from the start of our company and I look forward to what Adam and his team will achieve for us in the future."

Delivery is just... smart

For people with vegan diets, it can be difficult finding a good place to deliver food. So it was a no-brainer for Dirt Burger to choose to deliver. In keeping to their promise of being environmentally conscious they decided on using a smart car to deliver to further distances and custom, branded bikes to deliver to closer destinations.

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