Professional Marketing for Marketing Professionals' Event

Each year Des Moines greatest minds in marketing and advertising converge to gain even more knowledge from some of the biggest names in the industry. We were lucky enough to make the creative branding to help brand and promote this wonderful event.

Des Moines
Ad Day

The Logo Design

As the conference is a way for marketing professionals to do what they do best, communicate, it seemed appropriate to build the event logo around the common speech bubble. The enclosure of the logo resembles the speech bubble as well as the interior of the D's having a subtle nod to communication. It almost feels as though the two D's are talking with each other and all of the letters form a group discussion. 

Creating the Identity

An event for creative individuals needs a creative look. We chose to use a more basic color scheme that takes you back to the basics. The supporting elements and objects are placed in a manner that insinuates movement alluding to our desire to continue to learn and grow. 

Below you'll find materials we designed to promote the event as well as grab attention to certain topics at the event. Beyond these items shown we also developed stage graphics, directional and environmental signage.

"Avidity is reliable, always meets deadlines and has provided us with outstanding creative ideas. I highly recommend Avidity Creative!"

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