Daily Grind Coffee Packaging

Our clients have a busy schedule. Most of them are business owners or the only person running the business. There's a lot to handle and sometimes we all just need a break. A coffee break.

We love working with all of our clients and we admire all the hardwork they put in throughout the year. They make our lives easier just as much as we make their life easier by handling all of their branding and advertising design and strategy. We decided we wanted to show them how thankful we are that they are our client by creating a completely new coffee brand and sending them a bag of beans. It was also a fun project for us to work on.






Daily Grind Coffee Co. is for those who hustle. It's for those who love creative things. So we needed to have a packaging concept that was creative and unique. We loved the look of the brown paper bags and the screen printed vintage design. It was only right that the box it gets shipped in matches that look. 

The best part of hand folding all of these boxes and packing them is the smell of the delicious breakfast blend coffee. The positive reaction from our clients was a big added bonus.