Boozy Avenue Brewing Company

Celebrating history through imagery

We should start by explaining that this project started out as a concept that we pitched to one of our favorite craft brew pubs. The client wasn't ready to rebrand so the ideas we pitched to them would never see the light of day. We are proud of this concept and still wanted to display it for you, so the names and some minor details have been changed to hide the identity of the intended client.

This particular brewery is the first in their area and this brand identity concept celbrates their rich history in many subtle ways. Let us explain...

Making Something Old New Again

Being the first brewery to the area, they chose to open up shop in a renovated building in a historic part of town. The building originated in the early 1900's, so we pulled inspiration from graphics and fonts from that era to use in the new branding. The logo style comes directly from that era with simple fonts and extra elements that could have been hand painted. The circular logo design is easy to use in many places and is very versatile.

We also added a couple secondary logos/elements to be used with the new brand. It was common in the early 1900s for businesses to use stamps and other tools to mark their products, which is where the inspiration for these elements come from.

Telling the Story

Every piece of this brand tells a story. The brown paper texture bring you back to when products were wrapped by hand and given to customers. The background image is the history district the brew pub is set in and is styled to match an old-fashion image.

To support the brand image we created design concepts for a new website, coasters and new beer tap handles as well as a few other things. It was also in our plan to build a whole interactive experience for the brewery to inform and entertain guests as they wait to be seated on a busy night.

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