Beer City Brewers Guild Pro-Am

A collaboration for a collaboration

This pro-am event is similar to that of a pro-am golf tournament where professional golfers are paired with amateurs to compete. This competition pairs breweries with award winning home brewers to create a new beer which is then tasted and tested. Judges award the top teams and afterwards everyone enjoys great beer.

Just as the teams collaborated on a beer, we worked with the good guys over at Brewhaus Media to create some marketing materials to promote the event. Among other items we created a couple fun patterns, a poster series and a t-shirt design. 

We love creative juices

The inspiration for this project came from all aspects of collaboration. It's two or more things coming together, working towards a similar goal, all going the same direction. You can see that in the side by side effect of the patterns, the hops and wheat working together, and the directional line work all flowing together. And it all ends up coming together as one delicious beer shared by friends. 

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