2017 American Advertising Awards

It's as clear as black and white

Each year local advertising professionals submit a year’s worth of hard work to the American Advertising Awards, the awards for the national advertising club, American Advertising Federation. And each year the local chapter invites an agency to be in charge of the theme and the creative work.

No Gray Awards

The theme this year was black and white. The event was to be more formal than past years. We knew this would be a fun challenge to take on to make something creative without using bold colors.

For this years event we handled a variety of creative materials. We designed everything from the theme logo to the website to the stage backdrop and all of the event signage. There's no gray area when considering the difficulty of coordinating all of the work.



Our intent with the Call For Entries piece and every other piece of marketing material was to be unique and have a bit of interaction. The stylized photography creates an artistic feeling to the event which highlights creative expertise. The website as well as other branded materials portray the same look and feel for the event. 



"Avidity is reliable, always meets deadlines and has provided us with outstanding creative ideas. I highly recommend Avidity Creative!"




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