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How does it work?

Yes, the restaurant industry is tough. With so much competition, the turbulence of this industry demands legitimate innovation and true creativity. However, creativity for the sake of it isn’t a winning strategy. Successful restaurant branding must be developed with an audience-centric approach. That level of strategy requires a team that’s experienced in all facets of restaurant branding with deep rooted expertise in the industry.

Our Brand Serve™ process puts your audience first. We gather information needed to provide you with a strategy. Then our creative team gets to work building every piece of your brand identity that you need to be successful in gathering loyal customers.

So simple. So easy.

Step 1. Start with a Brand Appetizer™

To be different you have to first identify what makes you unique. Knowing what your restaurant stands for and who your audience is will lead you to dominate your market.

Step 2. Bring it to life with a Brand Serve™

After our Brand Appetizer interview reveals what makes you different, we design your brand materials that make your business loved and shared. Our Brand Serve executes your entire brand, from logo to menu and website, and gets you prepped to open immediately.

Brand Appetizer™

The interview is a deep dive into why your brand exists, addressing key questions like, is your experience digestible? Does it stand out as being different? Does the messaging match the tone of the environment and food style?

What's included? Find out.

Brand Serve™

Our Brand Serve is for restaurants, breweries, food trucks and coffee shops looking to establish their unique brand. No automated copy cat designs. No templates that match every other business in your industry. A real, creative designer.

What's included? Find out.

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"Their creative branding and design work has given our customers a great experience. We get so many compliments on our new menu design!"

Why Avidity?

  • Small and agile team
  • Designers who understand business
  • Proven industry expertise
  • A simplified process to make your project go smooth
  • A desire for all clients to succeed
  • Strategy that leads creativity