The Brand Appetizer™

Your business isn't like the rest. We're going to find out why.

The interview is a deep dive into why your brand exists, addressing key questions like, is your experience digestible? Does it go against the grain? Does the messaging match the tone of the environment and food style?

We get to know you.

The time you spend in this session will have you thinking about your brand in new ways. Our team takes it all in and works to determine your specific audience and how to portray your unique selling point - the special stuff that makes people crave your food or beer.


(*This cost gets applied to any Brand Serve moving forward.)

Includes 1.5-2 hour interview and a 2-3 page brief that identifies your unique brand opportunity and a plan for materials to move forward. Take this to whoever you'd like to execute or have Avidity perform a Brand Serve with 3-4 days of your time.

Book A Brand Appetizer

"Avidity's Brand Appetizer really helped us narrow down who our audience is. Our customers have noticed a better experience since the shift in our brand."

— Phil Davis, Boulder, CO

"Their creative branding and design work has given our customers a great experience. We get so many compliments on our new menu design!"

— Juvencio Ramirez, Des Moines, IA

"We love our new brand. We did the Brand Appetizer AND Brand Serve and now it's so much easier to advertise our restaurant."

— Jennifer Palmer, Kansas City, MO