3 Ways To Improve Your Menu Experience

Blog / February 26, 2018

One of the biggest and most important parts of creating the experience at your restaurant is your menu. Your menu is where your customers have the most interaction with your brand in your restaurant. So it is crucial for you to plan ahead and put thought into how your menu is created.

Consider these three tips when creating your menu to give your customers the best experience:

Keep it simple and keep it short

When it comes to descriptions keep it short. we want customers to have an easy time deciding what they want to eat. The longer it takes for customers to read through your menu the longer it takes for them to order and the longer it takes to turn over your tables which means ultimately less money in your pocket at the end of the night. it's okay to make your descriptions funny sometimes if that fits your brand. however most often than not this is more annoying to your customers than helpful. Remember you're writing a menu and not a novel.

It's also important that you don't have too many menu items. only have the items that are most likely to sell on your menu. Those extra menu items can sometimes just get in the way. Again, even if your restaurant is a casual setting you make money by being able to have the most amount of people each night. So make your menu short enough and easy enough to navigate for customers.

Consider visuals in your menu

If your restaurant is more classy and sophisticated don't go overboard with crazy visuals. Don't have lots of vibrant colors and photos everywhere and lots of graphic elements. If your restaurant is more casual then perhaps it makes sense to have some photos and some design elements to aid in promoting your brand image.

I some restaurants where your cuisine is uncommon it can be helpful to customers by showing pictures of these menu items. Sometimes it is easier to see a dish rather than to try picturing it in your head from a description.

If you do choose to use photographs in your menu be sure that the images are of very high quality. I would suggest using a professional photographer with a good camera and knowledge of the industry. there are many tricks of the trade to make food look more appealing. If your photos don't look appetizing they can be more harmful than helpful. it's best to show your most popular items in photos and not just the most expensive ones.

Mark special menu items

If you have special many items that are made particularly for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or other dietary needs be sure to mark these items in your menu. Rather than forcing these guests to scour through your menu to determine what is actually available for them to eat they will be appreciative that your items are easy to find. This will speed up the ordering process for customers. It will also be easier on your waiting staff as they will not have to answer many questions. The longer it takes for a guest to order means more time that your servers could spend helping other customers.

Creating a great restaurant menu doesn’t have to be hard–just keep your customers in mind. By creating a menu that’s engaging and easy-to-read while also reflecting your restaurant’s brand, you’ll put your restaurant on the right track!

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