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Blog / September 29, 2016

Let's get something clear right away. I am not unhappy with any of the clients Avidity works with. I enjoy working with every client and hope to continue these great relationships. This is merely meant to be a fun post.

If you were to ask most advertisers who they'd like to work with you'd probably hear brands like Nike, Verizon, or McDonalds. For 99.99% of us that's just not realistic, nor would we want it to be. If I think about who would be a good fit for Avidity, I imagine clients who resemble our values and are passionate, driven and have a great personality.

When I was coming up with this list I focused on brands who we might have an existing connection to, which could make our work for them even better. Here's my list of the top three clients I'd like Avidity to connect with in the near future. A prize will go to anyone who can make an introduction. ;)

The City of Grimes

I have a personal connection to Grimes as it's the town I live in. Grimes is in a very exciting situation. It's been a small town for so long and is now on the verge of a very quick growth spurt while transitioning into a contemporary suburb. Today would be a great time to rejuvenate their brand and set the tone for the future of the city.


Backpocket Brewing

Sure, it's a beer company and we all love some good beer. But, this isn't just good beer, it's GREAT beer. They've been doing a tremendous job building their brand and I love that they're always experimenting and trying new things. Designing packaging for beer sounds like a dream job. It also doesn't hurt that they love the Hawkeyes as much as I do!


Scissors & Scotch

I don't really have a personal connection to this brand unless you count getting my hair cut. But, if you know anything about me, you know I like trendy things and Scissors & Scotch handles trendy with pride. These guys have a cool brand and I love the whole concept and the focus they've put on the practice of men’s grooming. They're the only one of their kind that has put that much effort into the experience for their customers.

There are dozens of brands that I think would be fun to work with. These are just the top three at this time. If you have any tips that might lead to working with these most wanted clients, you know where to send them!


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