The craft of launching a new brand

Blog / August 4, 2016

No one plans to buy a yacht only to keep it in storage. In the same manner, no one builds a product or starts a business with the intent to not tell anyone about it. It's just bad for business.

We often help businesses launch their new brand or a rebrand. It's one of the most exciting things we get to do. We love giving our clients something they are proud to show off and tell all their friends about.

There are a couple ways to handle launching your brand. After all of the strategizing and the hard work of creating something truly unique to your business and your audience, it's time to show off your new toy. Many people do what we call a “soft launch”. This is where you quietly launch your new website and get only necessary brand materials printed, but make no attempt to publicize your brand. On the other hand, what we typically advise our clients to do is a “hard launch” which involves placing ads, writing press releases and executing a social media blast.

We advise a hard launch in most cases as a way to give your brand a jump start and boost traffic from the beginning. Keep these things in mind when launching your brand.

Be consistent and unified

The most important quality of any good brand is consistency. Every interaction a customer has with your business should reinforce your message.

You've probably developed a brand strategy and a personality to set your brand apart from your competitors. Show your customers that you're organized and you have your stuff together by making sure at the time of your launch that all your materials reflect your new brand. If that's not feasible for budget reasons, then be sure to explain the plan to roll out new materials. Take care of the easy stuff first such as social media, identity collateral, logos and advertisements.

Educate your employees

A brand is more than just the visual designs of your logo and website. Each employee is as crucial as the next to the success of your new brand. Gather your team in person to go over your strategy, plans and distribution of new marketing materials. Explain what their role is in the launch and why it's important.

Consider this a rallying of the troops. It's more fun if you dress up like Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

Tell a story

What is the story of your company? Most rebranding initiatives coincide with a big milestone for the company. Perhaps you've recently doubled in size, received a big investment or are celebrating 50 years in business. This is a good place to start to develop your story.

Where am I going with this? The thing that makes a hard launch really great is to create publicity around the event. To do this you'll need to collaborate with local publications (or national publications depending on your relevance) to write an article about your company. Publications only want to write the stories their readers want to hear, so your angle should be interesting to engage readers.

Show it off

This is the fun part. It's like Christmas morning for marketing people.

Now you get to finally show people what you've spent months working on. The goal is to show as many people as we can. Run ads in local publications. Blast the news on social media. Maybe see if you can get your company trending on Twitter.

Many companies hold a small celebration that's open to the public. Invite local public figures and celebrities. Have fun with it!

Warning: No matter how good your new brand looks, there will always be critics. Don't get too upset about it. This just means you've sparked enough interest for people to want to talk about you.

We've touched on some general suggestions but there's always more that go into each new brand launch. If you're considering a new brand overhaul, we'd love to chat and help you decide if it's right for your company's goals. No pressure! Contact us.

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