Should I advertise my business?

Blog / June 2, 2015

Some business owners believe they don't need advertising (not you of course) to have a successful business. We couldn't disagree more - not just because we're an ad agency - and here's why.

Running a business and not advertising is like owning a precious sports car and not even taking it out of the garage. Nobody knows you have it.

Advertising comes in many different forms and some you never think about or notice. Things like word of mouth, your brand identity, packaging and business cards are all forms of advertising. Even a brand name is advertising.

So even if you think you don't advertise for your business you probably do.

Back to the sports car (or your amazing product or service). Just having a name and a sign is like opening the garage door and leaving the car in the driveway. Sure, the people walking by will see it and if you're lucky they will tell their friends about it. Why not at least take it for a spin around the block?

Advertising is all about creating awareness. Some say advertising is making people buy your product or service. Consider this. When was the last time you saw a commercial and immediately left your seat to go buy a cheeseburger? Make an effort to find ways to get your brand infront of your target audience.

We're not saying every business should spend as much money as possible on advertising. However, when done right, you can have a successful ad strategy that's within your budget. If you know who your customers are you can find ways to reach them in ways that create value to them in a cost efficient manner. Sometimes it just takes a little extra creativity.

The answer to your question? YES! A resounding yes! You should advertise your business.

Now, take it to the next level with an effective strategy.


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