We Write Code

A techie brand for techie people

We Write Code was created to help non tech entrepreneurs build out their concept for technology businesses. The founders, having experience themselves with prior tech startups and interacting with other founders, recognized there are a lot of great entrepreneurs and ideas out there that don't happen because the founder doesn't have a web development background. They saw an opportunity to fill that void and work with other founders to build their concepts the right way.

Needing to make an impact in the local startup scene to connect with other entrepreneurs they needed to have a solid brand identity and well designed website. They came to us to help them create it.


After some meetings to determine the direction to take with the project and a plan for collaboration we began working on creative concepts. The challenge was to create an identity that emulates the variety of tech and development experience WWC has without making a focus in one particular industry.

Our visual approach was based on contemporary techie cues. We developed the brand with an open and easy-to-use feel to it. We designed the logo and identity materials with colors and fonts and other design elements that align with the direction we determined in the first meetings.