Have you ever gone through the hassle of moving into a new home, maybe in a new city where you're not familiar with surroundings? Muevr is an app that helps you stay organized with a custom automated checklist and suggestions based on location for services to help you move.

The founder and developer of the app came to us to help him build his initial brand and a marketing strategy to gain attraction for the app. Before the app could be launched we needed to do testing. To do testing we needed to gather people to test the product and provide feedback.


We collaborated with Muevr to find out who the target market is to use the app. With some research we narrowed down specific demographics and learned about their lifestyles.


Taking the information we gathered from our research, we developed a plan to implement to drive traffic to a landing page to sign up for testing. The strategy included building an email newsletter to provide updates and tips for using the app and moving in general. We also created brand materials to distribute to the local startup community to garner support. These are some of those materials.