Bici Flats

"Bici" is the Italian word for bicycle or bike. It's also the name of a new loft style apartment complex on the south side of downtown Des Moines. Bici Flats is in the crossroads at one of  Des Moines' oldest Italian neighborhoods and a popular bike trail. Amenities like a rooftop deck, bike repair stations, and a pet washing station will appeal to the younger crowd in Des Moines.

The apartment developer contacted us to create a logo that encompasses the modern style and the Italian heritage of the project. After plenty of detailed research about the target audience and the objectives of the builder, we came up with some concepts that would appeal to the younger crowd and hint at the bike theme of the area.


The final logo mark has a sleek, slim looking typeface. The color scheme references Italian colors and the shapes of the letters in the word "bici" even sort of looks like a bicycle. The all lowercase letters are friendly and inviting.